We offer a broad spectrum of medical evaluation services for the workers’ compensation, independent medical evaluation and disability markets.

Our time-tested and client-approved process ensures prompt, reliable reports, while our staff keeps you involved during the entire process. Our services include:

1. Exam scheduling

2. Board-certified physician's exam

3. Clinical Psychologist's exam (where applicable)

4. Dictation and transcription of medical exam

5. Report review and quality assurance

6. Report finalization and delivery

Second Opinion Examinations

We offer Second Opinion Examinations for injured workers and other clients.

Independent Medical Evaluations

We offer IMEs to retirement programs, IME companies and other private clients.

Disability Evaluations

We offer Disability Evaluations to state agencies, IME companies and private clients.

Veteran Exams

We offer Compensation & Pension Exams to VA accredited representatives, Veterans Affairs and to other private clients.

File/Record Reviews

We offer medical file/record reviews to IME companies and other private clients.


We offer telehealth options to all our clients.

Peer-to-Peer Reviews

We offer peer-to-peer reviews to all our clients.

New Services

We offer customization of services to potential new or existing clients.

At Consultative Examination Services, Inc., we offer nationwide coverage through our provider network.

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If you need additional information or would like to submit your cases, please contact us. We'll be happy to help you.