Who We Are

What We Offer

We strive to facilitate the medical retention process so that agencies and medical experts can focus on their respective roles in the medical-legal evaluative system.

What We Offer

CES, Inc. manages medical legal evaluations on behalf of medical experts located throughout the United States. We work with medical doctors and other medical experts who possess all levels of medical legal experience. By outsourcing the managerial aspects of medical legal work, healthcare professionals can focus on their role as an expert instead of being burdened with administrative duties.

Our qualified staff facilitates the expert retention process by staying involved in the case from start to finish. We act as the expert’s point of contact for triaging case inquiries, submitting CVs and fee schedules, handling billing and collection activities, directing where to send records, tracking report deadlines and scheduling assistance for teleconferences and medical evaluations. We strive to protect the confidentiality of information for both the experts and the referring agencies. The web portals we work with are HIPAA compliant.  Our telemedicine portals also have the HIPAA certification necessary to ensure privacy between doctors and patients alike.  Our emails meet HIPAA requirements for encryption.

Small Business Certification

On October 20, 2020 we received our State of California Small Business Certification from the California Department of General Services.

This certification gives our clients the assurance that we remain in compliance with the State of California with yearly recertification while encouraging our clients and potential clients the increase of small business participation in various contracts.

This certification allows us to reach new altitudes!
Our Certification ID is 2021526